Couple of Home Interior Design Ideas you might want

  • Soft Lighting

Interior design ideas for homesIf you have a study in the bedroom, either move it out or choose specific lighting for it. When the study is not used, we recommend you use soft lighting around the room to set the mood. The bedroom anyways requires the amount of lighting you need to see what’s necessary. Seek help from an interior designer for interior design ideas if you want to get well placed lighting down in your bedroom with attractive looking fixtures adding to the decor.

  • Try something more than Cotton Sheets

Girl on satin sheetsWhile you could go for flannel material or quilts in the winter, try satin sheets to turn up the heat a little bit in the summer. If you have a fireplace well installed in the bedroom you might just want to throw a soft rug in the front of it with a few soft cushions with the sheet. To celebrate your X’mas eve, this is a brilliant interior design ideas to stay warm and make the temperatures boost even higher.

  • Change your Mattresses and Pillows

Mattresses and PillowsThis is a given. You do not want hardwired mattresses or dead looking pillows in your bedroom if you want any activity. Give you mattresses a makeover by buying new ones with foam that springs up and down when you sit. Not too soft, you want them to give your lover and you a good roll in the sheets. The best option is to do research and read online reviews like Houzz interior design ideas since there is a different type of mattresses for back problemsand side sleeping. Also, your pillows can be either feather filled or soft fiber filled. You can add a decorative set of soft cushions with the pillows to suit your setting.

  • Keep the Colours to Suit the Mood

animalistic printsGive the whites a break and the occasional prints. For a summer pleasant night, you want to get out those dark satin sheets or a combination of black and gold and even red out if you like. If you are a couple who likes to add an extra measure of spark to the bedroom, opt for a few animalistic prints to let the lust rage.

  • Get some Naughty Art

bedroom with love paintingIf your budget allows, you must add a few pieces of art to your room and by art we mean be it expensive or marginally priced, a famous painter or not, as long as it does the trick go for it.

Some couples like to add some age-old Kamasutra art to their bedroom to get experimenting.

  • Try some Drapes but keep it Simple

DrapesAbove the bed, if you want the four posters to look or above the window for a luxurious look. Try drapes till it does not increase the trouble of cleaning them. Drapes can look swanky and also Victorian depending on what kind you choose.

  • Get some Candles

CandlesFor a pleasant night leave the window open with a very slight breeze and get out those candle holders and lanterns.

Nothing possibly adds more romanticism to the bedroom than candles. A few candles in every corner or a lot of them in just one corner can set the flame for both your lover and you. A piece of advice, keep them away from any cloth material or drapes.

  • Have a Sturdy Bed but also Demountable

mattressesEver thought about following the morocco style fantasy? You want to either move out of the bedroom or move the bed out of the bedroom. Try the floor for once with the mattresses and lanterns on the side with a few sheets and maybe a costume on your part to go with it.

  • Make the Bathroom a Victorian or Ancient Bath

An en suite or bathroom should be an extension to you bedroom fantasy and for that matter, we recommend you make full use of a powerful shower or tub. A double person tub can be very advantageous on an anniversary eve’s or on a weekend.

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