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I love New Year and it’s fresh beginnings, the anticipation of new journeys, projects and creative adventures. It’s an exciting time of year of plotting, planning and purposeful thinking. Thats that I’ve been doing anyway, from the comfort of our sofa in front of the fire in the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree

And talking of home… for many of us, the New Year brings a sudden desire to do something a little different with the home decor. What better way really is there to start the year ahead with a change of decor and home interior. Perhaps you’ve been considering a new look for the living room, a change of style for the kitchen or a hallway makeover but haven’t quite got round to putting plans into action? Maybe you have a few ideas, or several colour ways in mind, a wallpaper sample or an accessory in which to decorate around? It’s just that you haven’t quite got round to it yet..understandable. Christmas tends to creep up in one big swoop! But as we now find ourselves at the start of a new year, it brings a perfect opportunity to get those decorating wheels in motion. So I dare you to get out those paint brushes and mood boards, for 2017 is here and a fresh and exciting colourful room makeover awaits!!

Paint Your Door. What better way to start a fresh and put your own creative stamp on your house. This simple home decor idea is a way of effectively adding your mark and makes it all the more of a friendly and inviting entrance in which to welcome visitors to your home. It’s enticing, exciting and can be an instant statement piece. It’s an immediate voice, reflecting you and your home.

It can be as simple as a fresh lick of paint to brighten up your entrance…but you needn’t stop there. Why not consider a boldly colourful door matt to go all out and add that extra punch?!

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